Learn the Secrets of Growing Vegetables and Start your Vegetable Garden this Year!

Increasing number of people in US is growing vegetables at home in order to save on their grocery bills. Some articles say that in the US, people growing their own vegetables in the back yard are saving around $60 a week! The nonprofit National Gardening Association just produced a study that found the average family with a vegetable garden grows an estimated $600 worth of vegetables a year.

The vegetables you grow yourself taste SO much better than the stuff that you get from the supermarket. It takes a little more effort, but the flavor of organic vegetables is fantastic!

Growing organic vegetables is an excellent way to both save money and get more vegetable variety on your table. With the price of fresh vegetables increasing each year, more and more people are taking action to grow their own organic vegetables. You can too! Growing vegetables is something that almost anyone can do!

Are you as concerned as I am about using chemical insecticides on vegetable plants and produce? It seems like every time you read the paper, a company is being fined for pollution or toxic ground water.

Stop Paying High Prices for Organic Produce!

A $50 investment in vegetable seeds will produce enough vegetables to satisfy your family needs! Even if you get just a few vegetable plants established and give them some reasonable care, and you'll be taking your first, huge step toward freeing yourself and your family from the high price of groceries.

A home vegetable garden is one way to save money on grocery bills!

Vegetables Gardening Has 3 Requirements: Sunlight, Good Soil, and Water!

Start small and expand as your comfort and success might suggest. You will be amazed how much vegetables you can grow with little seeds, water, soil and adequate sunlight! Vegetable gardening can be an enjoyable hobby that can help you and your family save money, keep you fed and give you a real sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and gratification!

Even if you never had a vegetable garden, you can still grow your own vegetables by following a few simple rules:

  • Start vegetable seeds indoors.
  • Use potting soil to start your seedlings.
  • Keep seed trays at sunny (illuminated) and warm place.
  • Move seedlings out into the sun when weather permits.
  • Harden off and shelter your seedlings from harsh elements.

Even if your climate doesn't permit you to have a vegetable garden, you can still grown your own vegetables! A greenhouse for growing vegetables isn't difficult to build, and it can be done for less than half the cost of a comparable kit on the market. A greenhouse is perfect for protecting your vegetables against and it can also extend your growing season considerably.

And, if you think that growing vegetables can be done just during summer, then you are in for a surprise! There are many gardeners who grow their own vegetables year round by using unheated greenhouses, row covers and cold frames. There are dozens of varieties of vegetables like kale, broccoli and lettuce that can be successfully grown in cooler weather and harvested throughout the winter.

Well, what are we waiting for? Growing vegetables provides with a year round activity that can both make you save money on groceries, keep you and your family fed and make you less dependent on others. Best of all, you can grow varieties of vegetables that you can't find in the grocery store or are too expensive to purchase. Growing food at home can be easy, cost effective and fun!

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